How Clear Is The Water Around St. George Island?

What’s The Deal With The Water Clarity Around St. George Island?

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a tropical beach vacation to a beautiful island with clear water, then St George Island is the perfect place for you. It is a barrier island located in the Gulf of Mexico that is 22 miles long. The island is home to the most serene and best beaches with undisturbed wildlife. Experience the true feeling of exclusivity when you are completely surrounded by water. Now there are plenty of islands to visit in Florida so what makes St. George Island so special you might ask? The water clarity! Saint George Island is known for its clear gulf waters and private beaches.

What Will The Water Clarity Be?

The water clarity in St. George’s Island is mostly clear, or emerald green throughout the year. However, the color is depicted by a few natural causes like seasonal weather patterns, the tide, and high surf. The beaches at the island is highly preferred over other Florida panhandle areas like Panama City, the Apalachicola, Destin or even Cape San Blas, because of its extraordinary wildlife.

The island is not manicured like the others, meaning original shells are still intact on the beach. You can find sea weed, seashells, and other wildlife on the beach in addition to the clear water and warm, white sand. You can experience the maurine life in its natural habitat on the Gulf Coast.

What Will We See On The Island?

Unlike many beach spots, at St. George Island there is not a high rise in site. Enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean anywhere on the island. For those who love nature, you’re in the right spot. On the east end of the island sits the St. George State Park where you can explore over eight miles of undeveloped shoreline. Take in the salty air as you pass by the dunes, the bay forest, and salt marshes. If you’re visiting in the summer, be prepared to see loggerhead sea turtles come to shore as they dig their nest and lay their eggs on the beach.

It is important that everyone helps the baby turtles make it to their destination by filling in any hole dug in the sand, removing personal belongings from the beach and turning off any lights facing the ocean at night. The turtles are guided by the light of the moon to the ocean, and guests of the island are able to experience it while there.

If you’re lucky you will even see the rare appearance of some flamings or maybe even a snowy owl. There is even a chance if you are out in a boat that you will see a manatee nearby SGI.

How To Best Experience the Crystal Clear Water

The uncrowded beaches create the perfect atmosphere for many family/friendly activities. Create lasting memories while experiencing the beautiful water during a family paddle boarding, fishing, jet ski, or shelling trip.

No matter if you are a pro fisherman or not, you are guaranteed a ton of fun fishing in St. George’s Island. The island is home to several bait and tackle shops as well as two public boat landings. If you are not bringing your own boat, that is okay.

You can still enjoy the clear blue water on a boat. There are plenty of options for renting a boat with a charter boat captain. Spend all day worry free fishing and seeing everything that swims right under the boat. If you prefer to be in control of where you are going, St George Island has many places where you can rent kayaks and paddle boards.

Once the sun starts to go down there are many hiking trails, boardwalks and observation platforms located around the island so you can still enjoy the breathtaking view without having to be in the water. This is where you can start to see the wildlife as they wind down for the day and maybe even experience a few sea turtles finding their way home into the ocean.

No matter what time of the year you are visiting, you are sure to see the glistening water and mysterious wildlife. Depending on whether you are staying on the east or west end will determine your walking distance to things.

On the east end the beach is much less crowded and quiet, while the west end is walking distance to restaurants and shops. There are many vacation rentals on both sides of the island, so take your pick. If you are ready for a tropical, nature filled, beach vacation, the St. George Island has all of that plus some the best water clarity in the United States. We hope to see you here soon!